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Folgore Day: Maserati’s Electrifying Leap into its Sustainable Luxury Era

Nestled in Italy’s Motor Valley, Maserati has launched its highly anticipated electric era with the inaugural Folgore Day in Rimini, marking a significant milestone on the 110th anniversary of this storied brand. Maserati is synonymous with luxury, innovation, and now, sustainability, as it showcases its commitment to an electrified future.
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Alfa Romeo Surprise - Renaming The Milano to “Junior”

It sounded a little bit like an April fools joke to me, when I saw the message on my screen: The Alfa Romeo Milano no longer will have its name from the metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region but changes to Junior. BAM. The new vehicle was unveiled a few days ago and was to be named after the city where the Italian icon, the Alfa Romeo, was founded - Milano. A spectacular show with 25,000 online observers from all over the world brought the electric SUV onto the global automotive stage. But then the change was announced: the name Milano is already history just a few days after the launch. What happened?
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Exclusive Interview: The Future of Rail Travel with Björn Bender

For the avid globetrotter who cherishes the thrill of exploring new horizons, air travel has long been the default mode of choice, primarily due to its perceived affordability. However, in our quest to unearth the true essence of European exploration, we must now consider a seismic shift in our travel paradigm. There is an undeniable groundswell of momentum within the European rail sector, driven not only by the younger generation but also by the evolving expectations of society at large. In an exclusive interview, Björn Bender, CEO of Rail Europe from Paris, shares insights into his extensive experience in the world of mobility, and the transformative changes witnessed by the industry over the past year. Learn more about the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of sustainable train travel in Europe.
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Parisians Prefer the Bike to the Car New Study Reveals

Paris is a city increasingly embracing cycling, with a significant push towards enhancing bike infrastructure and promoting both bike-sharing and private bike ownership. In order to assess bike usage in the French capital, Institut Paris Région (IPR), the regional urban planning and environmental agency, has published its first GPS mobility survey (EMG). At the request of a consortium of fourteen public and private partners, including the region, Île-de-France Mobilités, the four departments of the inner suburbs, the city of Paris, the RATP and the SNCF, IPR was tasked with collecting data to "diversify knowledge of the mobility of the people of Ile-de-France one and a half years after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic". And the results are clear: The bicycle puts the car in its rearview mirror in Paris. We had a closer look.
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