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Folgore Day: Maserati’s Electrifying Leap into its Sustainable Luxury Era

Nestled in Italy’s Motor Valley, Maserati has launched its highly anticipated electric era with the inaugural Folgore Day in Rimini, marking a significant milestone on the 110th anniversary of this storied brand. Maserati is synonymous with luxury, innovation, and now, sustainability, as it showcases its commitment to an electrified future.
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Alfa Romeo Surprise - Renaming The Milano to “Junior”

It sounded a little bit like an April fools joke to me, when I saw the message on my screen: The Alfa Romeo Milano no longer will have its name from the metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region but changes to Junior. BAM. The new vehicle was unveiled a few days ago and was to be named after the city where the Italian icon, the Alfa Romeo, was founded - Milano. A spectacular show with 25,000 online observers from all over the world brought the electric SUV onto the global automotive stage. But then the change was announced: the name Milano is already history just a few days after the launch. What happened?
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Five Years of Smart Mobility Management in St.Gallen

The mobility industry, as one of the most important global key industries, is facing the biggest and most profound change in its history. The way we live, work and move from one place to another is changing radically and sustainably. Climate change, increasing urbanization and global social upheaval are leading to changes in customer requirements. Particularly in times of these major challenges, we need courageous movers and shakers who have a holistic understanding of mobility, but also of networked thinking.
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Rheinmetall Curb Charging - New Solution for Smart Cities?

Düsseldorf based company Rheinmetall enters a completely new dimension of electric charging with its innovative ‘CurbCharger’. This innovative charging technology offers a discreet, space-saving, and sustainable charging solution that seamlessly integrates into the existing urban infrastructure. The idea is simple: making use of urban public space with a charging facility that is positioned in the ground close to the electric vehicle and therefore doesn’t rely on long cables blocking pathways. Particularly in city centers, free space is scarce, meaning that the creation of new infrastructure is possible only at the expense of other road space stakeholders like pedestrians or cyclists.
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