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VivaTech in Paris - AI meets Sustainability

I was in Paris last week, attending the 8th edition of a VivaTech fair, which broke a new attendance record by welcoming more than 165,000 visitors from around the world. Based in the Parisian ‘Porte de Versailles’, VivaTech was clearly focusing on AI and Sustainability matters. The fair turned out to be a major global networking event truly serving as a catalyst for the global debate on these two key concerns with more than 2 million people reached via social networks this year. Inspiring debates took place featuring incredible personalities such as John Kerry, Rachel Delacour (Sweep), Robin Li (Baidu), Arthur Mensch (Mistral AI), Yann LeCun (Meta), Dario Amodei (Anthropic) or Elon Musk (X). During the three professional days, more than 400,000 business connections have been settled through digital channels and 6.5M viewers have seen the VivaTech News.
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The Boomerang of EU Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

A few days after the European elections, the EU Commission announced punitive tariffs of up to 38.1% against various Chinese car manufacturers in order to make it more difficult to import electric cars from China into EU countries. Whether these tariffs actually have to be paid depends on whether another solution can be found with China. Should the EU agree to impose higher tariffs in the long term, these would be levied retroactively from July 4.
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A New Charging Experience - Our Interview with Gerold Wolfarth from bk Group

Dear Gerold, many thanks for your time today to speak about a crucial element for the future adaptation of electric mobility: the charging experience. As the CEO of bk World, your insights and leadership in the sustainable energy and electric vehicle charging sectors are highly regarded. We are particularly interested in learning more about the innovative practices and strategic vision that drive bk World’s success. Let us dive right into it.
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Rheinmetall Curb Charging - New Solution for Smart Cities?

Düsseldorf based company Rheinmetall enters a completely new dimension of electric charging with its innovative ‘CurbCharger’. This innovative charging technology offers a discreet, space-saving, and sustainable charging solution that seamlessly integrates into the existing urban infrastructure. The idea is simple: making use of urban public space with a charging facility that is positioned in the ground close to the electric vehicle and therefore doesn’t rely on long cables blocking pathways. Particularly in city centers, free space is scarce, meaning that the creation of new infrastructure is possible only at the expense of other road space stakeholders like pedestrians or cyclists.
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