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Tesla Unveils Refreshed Model 3 at Munich's IAA Mobility Show: Here's Why It Still Leads the Pack

Greetings from the buzzing floors of the IAA Mobility show in Munich! It’s not just another car expo; it's where innovation meets palpable excitement, and let me tell you, Tesla has once again stolen the spotlight. As someone who's driven the Tesla Model Y but still waxes nostalgic about my old Model 3, I can attest—Tesla's refreshed Model 3 for 2024 has got me all kinds of excited.
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Micromobility in Switzerland: A Greener Future with Style and Swissness

Limiting the extent of climate change is among the greatest challenges facing humanity in the coming decades. Changes in transport behavior supported by technological progress and resource-saving vehicles are possible solutions from the mobility sector. Replacing large and heavy vehicles by very small and light electric vehicles could be a specific solution. I was invited by Touring Club Switzerland to its annual “Mobility Arena” (in German: Schweizer Mobilitätsarena) in Bern to discuss the implications that change to smaller vehicles could have. Here are my thoughts after these expert talks and discussions on the rise of Micromobility vehicles and services in Swiss Cities such as Bern, Basel, Zurich, Geneva or St. Gallen.
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Five Female Leaders Making an Impact

The avid reader of our MOTION Magazine will recognise that in our MOTION Magazine Edition III we are dealing with the topic of 'Female Leaders' for the third time - thematically. For the first time we presented these female leaders in German language, hence we focus on 'Female Leaders' from three mainly German speaking countries this time: from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
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Personal MOTION in Paris

I am writing these lines today about a personal motion I started embarking on eight weeks ago. Together with two of my children we decided to meet in Paris and run a half-marathon on the first weekend in March. Maybe this is a start of a new number of posts here on MOTION Magazine focusing on the desire to be more mobile yourself. A personal challenge, a group project of friends, family or colleagues at work – all these to make you move and get you off the couch.
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