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Waiting for MOTION Magazine Edition III? Here We Go!

In a world struggling with global warming, inflationary increases in energy prices, traffic gridlock and personal lack of movement, the issue of mobility change has revolutionary significance. Our slogan 'Smart Mobility Starts with You!" is a call to all of us. The hesitation and procrastination and the insistence on old habits must finally come to an end! This is what MOTION stands for - we see ourselves as a European appeal for a new beginning, for movement in matters of mobility.
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Eco-Friendly City Transformer will Change Urban Traffic – Pronto!

Urban traffic is a nightmare in most European cities. Traffic jams, the lack of parking spaces and the psychological inability of inhabitants to change have created a deadlock in almost all urban centres. The fact that traditional car manufacturers are not opting for smaller vehicles as urban traffic solutions seems to be worsening the situation. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have opted for elitist, heavy electric vehicles – most of them aimed at driving on country roads or highways but certainly not within the local city. There is a new set of electric cars on the horizon, the Microlino and the City Transformer being two of them to watch out for.
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Five Female Leaders Making an Impact

The avid reader of our MOTION Magazine will recognise that in our MOTION Magazine Edition III we are dealing with the topic of 'Female Leaders' for the third time - thematically. For the first time we presented these female leaders in German language, hence we focus on 'Female Leaders' from three mainly German speaking countries this time: from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
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Personal MOTION in Paris

I am writing these lines today about a personal motion I started embarking on eight weeks ago. Together with two of my children we decided to meet in Paris and run a half-marathon on the first weekend in March. Maybe this is a start of a new number of posts here on MOTION Magazine focusing on the desire to be more mobile yourself. A personal challenge, a group project of friends, family or colleagues at work – all these to make you move and get you off the couch.
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