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MOTION Magazine Edition Four - OUT NOW!

It's finally here - our Edition Four of MOTION Magazine - your window to the latest in smart mobility! As we open the pages of our fourth edition, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey that has been the last three years of MOTION Magazine. Our Edition Three was making waves at the IAA Mobility show in Munich in September, a shared belief in the potential of electric and smart mobility. Now it is time for our next chapter, our Edition Four.
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The Crisis is Permanent - but Not Acting is Not an Option

Autonomous driving, zero-emission drives, digitalization and the last mile are among the major challenges facing the commercial vehicle industry. It is about nothing less than actively shaping resilient strategies for the future. Against this background, the ‘Dekra Future Congress Commercial Vehicles’ is taking place on 30/31 October 2023 in Berlin and I am very happy to have been invited.
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Exclusive Interview: The Future of Rail Travel with Björn Bender

For the avid globetrotter who cherishes the thrill of exploring new horizons, air travel has long been the default mode of choice, primarily due to its perceived affordability. However, in our quest to unearth the true essence of European exploration, we must now consider a seismic shift in our travel paradigm. There is an undeniable groundswell of momentum within the European rail sector, driven not only by the younger generation but also by the evolving expectations of society at large. In an exclusive interview, Björn Bender, CEO of Rail Europe from Paris, shares insights into his extensive experience in the world of mobility, and the transformative changes witnessed by the industry over the past year. Learn more about the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of sustainable train travel in Europe.
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Personal MOTION in Paris

I am writing these lines today about a personal motion I started embarking on eight weeks ago. Together with two of my children we decided to meet in Paris and run a half-marathon on the first weekend in March. Maybe this is a start of a new number of posts here on MOTION Magazine focusing on the desire to be more mobile yourself. A personal challenge, a group project of friends, family or colleagues at work – all these to make you move and get you off the couch.
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