Welcome to the Eifel. The home of the legendary Nürburgring and site of our magazine's cover story shoot this past autumn. This exhibit is a behind the scenes look from the perspective of MOTION co-founder Andrew Santos who had the pleasure of being a part of MOTION's biggest project to date.
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Five Sustainable Mobility Trends in Winter Tourism

The Alps are often seen as a role model for comfortable, exclusive but sustainable tourism. A number of other travel destinations such as Scandinavia or the USA are exploring new ways of enhancing the mobility experience both in terms of the journey to and from the destination and as an additional component of the holiday itself. The following mobility trends in winter tourism are the clearest possible indication that the days when the vacation began and ended with a traffic jam might finally be over.
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Shell Purchases US Charging and Media Network Volta

The US subsidiary of Dutch/UK oil conglomerate Shell has purchased Volta for a price of $169m. The US charging and media network operator Volta went public via a SPAC deal and initially raised $200m in 2021 with its stock price declining in the past months. Volta claims of ‚reinventing EV charging, as the company was building a dual energy and media network delivering charging for all.
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Smart Mobility starts with you! Our latest edition is packed with more inspiring stories pushing for a more sustainable future.

- Driving Two Porsche Icons on the Nürburgring
- Five Trends for Exclusive & Sustainable Tourism in the Alps
- Female Leadership: Meet 5 Individuals Pushing Progressin Smart Mobility
- Port of Rotterdam: Autonomous Technology withing the Maritime World



How to Grow a European Charging Powerhouse from Scratch within Five Years

MOTION founder Michael Brecht had the pleasure to meet Michael Hajesch, CEO of European fast-charging provider IONITY and speak about the company’s growth of the past years.
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Urban Mobility Needs Smart Cities

It is undisputed that we need a new way of thinking when we discuss the future of urban mobility. European cities and their leaders are facing common challenges with a constantly growing influx of new inhabitants. A successful handling of urban mobility challenges requires an understanding of what a smart city is and how mobility can help drive its prosperity while providing sustainable solutions at the same time.
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