Formula E 2022: Season Preview

Ahead of the eighth Formula E season, we are taking a look at how 2022 is shaping up for each of the teams on the grid. There have been significant changes in most aspects of the sport, promising to mix things up to make this season the most exciting one yet. We will also be delving into the details to see how they will affect the drivers and teams battling it out for the top spot.
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We are very happy to present the third part of our series of Female MOTION Mobility Movers. We are herewith expanding our group of women that drive smart mobility solutions. These women work in international organizations and are role the models we look up to when it comes to taking mobility to the next level.
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The Boom of e-Cargo Bikes in Europe

Not many vehicles have arrived in such a tremendous Bang over the past 24 months or so as the e-cargo bike. Long seen as the uncool, ugly transportation tool of a few urban eco-geeks, electrically powered cargo bikes today have changed their image a full 180 degrees. For most mobility experts and infrastructure planners e-cargo bikes now represent an important part in urban transformation. MOTION takes a closer look at the developments in two very different European markets - Germany and the UK.
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Nicola Scimeca - Using Motorsport to Accelerate the Future of Mobility

We caught up with YCOM founder Nicola Scimeca to talk about his passion for motorsports and how he integrates his experience in racing help him and his team to develop the latest in smart mobility technology. Nicola also talked about how his team developed the scooters for the upcoming eSkootr Championship.
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Voi Launches Carbon-Neutral Service in Copenhagen

E-Scooters are returning back to Copenhagen. As of this week, the total number of e-Scooters in the city will be 3,200 vehicles distributed between the four operators Voi, TIER, Bolt and Lime. This is a dramatic turn-around of the Danish capital’s strategy at the beginning of 2021, when all e-Scooter operators had to withdraw their vehicles from the streets.
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