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How Electric Fat Bikes Are Becoming Part Of French Beach Culture

Electric bikes are used for everything these days, from urban commuting to conquering big alpine passes. But, historically, riding a bike on the beach has proved to be challenging. Even the best mountain bikes get stuck in deep sand, causing the rider to have a hot and sweaty challenge ahead of them. But, an electric fat bike has a total disregard for the effects of deep sand while creating a comfortable ride everywhere else.
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Charging Infrastructure – A Chat with Industry Experts

I had the pleasure of moderating another Clubhouse-Talk, an evening session on Smart Mobility topics, organized by the Institute of Mobility from University St. Gallen. The talk was based around the question: which charging and refueling infrastructure is needed to cater for future mobility needs. My co-moderator Sophia Schepers, Head of Sustainability Europe for Audi and I welcomed Hans-Peter Eberhard, Head of Services and Partner of Agrola AG from Switzerland and Wulf Schlachter, CEO and founder, TechAdvisor and EV-Charging specialist with DXBe Management from Hamburg on stage.
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We proudly present the second part of our series on female global EV movers here on MOTION. This is a list of the fascinating women that help accelerate smart and sustainable mobility around the world. Today we celebrate these entrepreneurs from Israel, Europe and the US - they are outstanding talents in an ever increasing global initiative in taking mobility to the next level.
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Hometown Love: Julia Wissel on Hamburg’s Smart Mobility Transformation

I recently caught up with MOIA Product Owner, Smart Mobility enthusiast and Hamburg native Julia Wissel. We Discussed everything from her experience moving back to her hometown and the city’s transformation when it comes to electric and smart mobility efforts.
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London's Urban Mobility Beyond the Pandemic

The global pandemic has already started to affect how we travel around our cities. But as the world begins to emerge from varying degrees of confinement and lockdown, city planners have a major task ahead of them. They need to help people maintain their social distancing while encouraging the mobility that keeps our cities alive and our economies thriving.
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