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MOTION Goes Print!

Wow! Yesterday, we announced that MOTION would go Print. And guess what, my inbox was overflowing with messages of encouragement from friends, family and business partners alike. I was super inspired by your feedback that I decided to write this post and wanted to share a little ‘reason why’.
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This year’s IAA Mobility in Munich showed a series of new electric vehicles, some still in concept mode. Join us and have a look at some of the most exciting EVs of tomorrow. Electric vehicle design is certainly improving a lot, whether from known car manufacturers or the new brands. Either way, the future is here!
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The IAA is Dead. Long Live IAA Mobility!

The IAA Mobility promised to showcase the future of mobility so that it can be experienced hands-on and discussed live and on-site. For the first time in Munich, more than 1,000 exhibitors and speakers presented their latest innovations and concepts. For a week, IAA Mobility turned Munich into a global center for the mobility of the future. A so-called Blue Lane connected the fair with the inner city, where mobility concepts and solutions were presented at various locations, where people had the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s biggest brands.
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What Moves the Next Generation

Nine teenagers converge excitedly at a former WW2 POW camp in rural Scotland, looking forward to a campout in an unusual setting. Teenage "me time" - the chance to hang out, eat rubbish, talk their own brand of chitter-chatter and generally enjoy the summer vacation time after a year of COVID restrictions and general weirdness.
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How 15-Minute City Paris Became the Role Model for Urban Transformation

My recent visit to the French capital Paris opened my eyes. I already lived in the western part of Paris in the 80s as a young student, the 17th arrondissement was cool at that time, not too chic but a good starting point to explore the city. The eastern and northern suburbs like the 18th or 19th arrondissement or the inner areas like ‘Le Marais’ were clearly no place to live at that time. Too dodgy to come home late at night to, and no chance for the latest Braun cassette radio player to survive in a car with a German number-plate for longer than a few nights. Needless to say that my car was still broken into several times in that summer of 1984.
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