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In the past years we have been exploring different ways, how we move tomorrow. In 2020 the MOTION team launched the first international platform on smart mobility, capturing the lifestyle, emotional and environmental side of the global transformation. Four years later, for the first time, we’ll publish three magazines on the changes in mobility, energy and infrastructure within 12 months. After witnessing the phase of avant-gardists testing the waters of electric and smart mobility solutions around the world, we are now in the process of taking the next steps toward global mass adoption. However, we noticed that much of the content surrounding the electric vehicle and smart mobility topics mostly focused on the technical, business and product side of the things. We wanted to change that.

Our Aim

MOTION's aim is to accompany you through your journey toward electrification from a lifestyle and cultural approach. We will be presenting you with the realities of owning an electric vehicle through real-life stories of people, organizations and cities that have decided to make a bold switch. Don't worry though, we will still be telling you which of the latest Tesla killer to consider buying next, how far a single battery charge goes or which manufacturer is about to take off next… just with a different twist. We hope to be a factor in your decision-making process on your way to driving an environmentally friendly car. From starting your research on electric cars, to your first test drive, to the selection of your own personal charging solution and all the way to finally making your first all-electric vehicle purchase, we will be introducing you to topics that promote the best impact on a sustainable future. 

So who are we?

With the rise of the ‘E’ - the electric way of transportation - we have fallen in love with sustainable and exciting new vehicles. Whether in an electric car, on E-Bikes, E-Mopeds or E-Scooters, our excitement about discovering and driving these vehicles kept on growing the past few years.  In the past years, we have been inundating our friends and families with this certain bright smile on our face, when we spoke about experiencing an electric vehicle. Let us take you along on our journey as we experience the acceleration of mobility innovation and the beauty of its social, economic and environmental impact.

In our MOTION Magazine we’ll present to you the change-makers, the brands that are serious about making that change and the stories leading us to a more sustainable mobility lifestyle. Our online version brings you actual news and background stories that we find interesting day by day. If you’d like to order a print version of our MOTION Magazine, simply buy your favourite copy here or sign-up to a subscription.

Michael Brecht

German-Australian | Serial Entrepreneur | Digital Media Guy & Startup Mentor | Father of Four | Lives in Bavaria | Enjoys fine Pinot Noir | Drives anything electric - currently a Tesla Model 3

Gaby von Oppenheim

Author | Industrial Designer | Historic Car Racer | Mother of Two | Drives almost anything older than 30 years | Just bought her first new car in 15 years – a BMW i8

Andrew Santos

Filipino-American | Entrepreneur | Brand and Marketing Strategist | Girl-Dad of Two | Lives in Berlin | Loves Automotive | Travels the world for its culture and football | Drives a Tesla Model 3

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