VivaTech in Paris - AI meets Sustainability
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The newest in automotive innovation was displayed with vehicles, prototypes and digital studies on the future of cars and trucks from BYD, Tesla, Peugeot, NamX, CIRCL and more are on display at VivaTech.

My personal highlights of this years VivaTech were

Artificial Intelligence: AI was the central theme, with numerous exhibits and discussions focusing on its applications and ethical considerations. Innovations ranged from bio-printed cells to advanced prosthetics, highlighting AI's transformative potential across industries.

Climate Tech: This year's event emphasized sustainability with climate tech innovations aimed at achieving net-zero goals, improving agricultural practices, and advancing carbon capture technologies.

Mobility: Smart mobility solutions were showcased, addressing urban transportation challenges and introducing new TravelTech advancements. Over 150 cities have adopted environmentally friendly mobility solutions, underscoring the importance of sustainable urban transport. From public transport applications to discussions about parking solutions. The overall idea of getting rid of cars and using the space for humans and a better lifestyle in the city.

Cooperation: A consortium of major French companies called Software République collaborates to innovate in the mobility sphere. At VivaTech, Software République revealed the U1st Vision, an innovative medical van concept. This mobile medical center will offer prevention, diagnostics and curative work in medical wastelands. The concept includes an AI avatar and ensures cybersecurity and privacy protection.

"We want to invest in diversity. We believe in women of color, in men of color, in diversity of ideas. Ideas that are different, that help [everyone], not only the elite 10% of the world."
Serena Williams, Tennis Superstar and Investor & Entrepreneur

Key Startups at VivaTech 2024

In Paris, more than 13,500 startups had the opportunity to forge business relationships with companies from more than 25 sectors of activity and to meet more than 2,000 investors and investment funds such as Accel, KKR, Lightspeed, Sequoia Capital, Eurazeo or Google Ventures. Thousands of visitors joined the stalls of young businesses with their hardware, software and solutions offerings on display. UK’s Maeving made a notable appearance at VivaTech 2024, showcasing their latest electric motorcycle, the RM1S. This model, designed for urban commuting, builds on the success of the original RM1 by offering enhanced performance and features.

German drone startup Wingcopter had a prominent presence at VivaTech 2024, showcasing their innovative drone delivery solutions aimed at enhancing healthcare logistics. Wingcopter focuses on providing high-performance, durable drones capable of delivering medical supplies, food, and other goods over long distances, even in challenging environments. Their Wingcopter 198 model was highlighted at the event for its potential to significantly improve supply delivery in remote and underserved areas, offering critical advantages for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. This aligns with the broader themes of sustainability and mobility emphasized at the conference.

US mobility startup Pave Motors made a significant impact with their innovative electric motorbikes designed for urban commuting. The startup from Brooklyn showcased their latest advancements in electric mobility, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and reducing urban emissions. Invited by VivaTech the founders presented their electric motorbikes, particularly suited for short to medium-distance travel, offering a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to cars.

The role of VivaTech and my personal verdict

VivaTech 2024 demonstrated its role as a hub for global innovation, fostering connections between startups, major corporations, and international investors. The event's emphasis on sustainability and technological advancements reflects a commitment to addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges through innovative solutions. With a diverse array of themes and a focus on future-forward technologies, VivaTech continues to be a crucial platform for shaping the future of global tech and sustainability.

Photos courtesy of Michael Brecht.