Three Years of Charging with Our Tesla

Range anxiety is a topic of the past when it comes to traveling electric vehicles. When I bought a Tesla Model 3 three years ago, I had to make sure that charging would not become an issue, especially on my many international trips for MOTION Magazine. After three years with the Model 3 in our household, we have lost this typical ‘German Angst’ of having to suddenly run out of electricity on a trip. On our 98,000 kilometers over the past 36 months, we did not face that dilemma of a potential break-down once. Here are some of the typical charging stops I have made in this time.

Most likely one of the most impressive charging stations is the Sortimo Ladepark in Zusmarshausen, situated next to the A8 Autobahn between Stuttgart and Munich. Next to the many Tesla superchargers, the Ladepark offers a rather futuristic set-up with chargers that are often used by buses and electric trucks too. A good bakery, clean facilities (at no cost) and the NIO swappable charging station add to a really impressive setup.

Fast charging at night right in Cologne’s southern Marienburg. Prestigious villas, a bus stop and a fast charger from local Stadtwerke. It is all there, now the inhabitants of Cologne need to grasp this opportunity and make their switch. It is simply a matter of time until that change will happen, I bet.

A mere two hours from Cologne you’ll find the Nürburgring. On the famous racetrack we experienced a few rounds with the Porsche Taycan, our Tesla provided space for the camera team and more. Interesting fact: the chargers at the Nürburgring weren’t HPC, hence the Taycan had to be standing there for a while. Tesla’s superchargers were to be found across the street - lucky us.

My very first long distance trip brought us to the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo. From Bavaria to Copenhagen, through Sweden and up to Norway - driving an electric vehicle up there and back was a breeze. Relaxing breaks all 300-400 kilometers and several hundred MOTION Magazines in the trunk. Really enjoyable.

If you ask me about the perfect charging companion for an electric car when driving through Europe, my answer is IONITY. Fast and reliable charging wherever we went, like this station on the doorstep to Rotterdam. IONITY has now started to build roofs over their charging stations, an add-on we have been asking for a while.

Taking the family on a holiday, like here in beautiful Provence. The setup for these chargers in a little village couldn’t be more romantic. Charging speed with 7kW wasn’t overly exciting, but hey: holidays are there to make you slow down and relax. I left the Tesla overnight for charging and had a full battery the next day.

Charging in winter, in Austria at the Stanglwirt. With a series of AC chargers and some fast chargers, this prestigious family run hotel is ready for the influx of electric cars. And quite rightfully so, as Austrian, Dutch and South German EV drivers love the ski-slopes in Kitzbühel and at the Wilder Kaiser. Finding a space was never a problem, and the charge worked just as fine.

And who would have said that the Model 3 wouldn’t look good with an old building, like this old farmhouse and garage in the Westerwald. The private wallbox of the owner provided a nice 11kW charge, overnight charging made simple.