Folgore Day: Maserati’s Electrifying Leap into its Sustainable Luxury Era
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The Folgore Day event heralds a transformative journey for Maserati, introducing its 100% electric models that blend Italian tradition with cutting-edge technology. The GranTurismo Folgore leads this charge as Maserati's pioneering all-electric car, followed closely by the Grecale Folgore, an SUV that marries power with environmental consciousness. The spotlight also shines on the GranCabrio Folgore, an open-top version that promises elegance without compromise, set to debut at this landmark event. Looking ahead, the MC20 Folgore super sports car is slated for a 2025 launch, signaling a bold future for the brand.

Full Electrification by 2028: A Vision of Sustainable Luxury

Maserati's strategic vision underscores its commitment to fully electrify its range by 2028, ensuring each model is crafted with the meticulous care that has defined the Trident emblem for over a century. From its Modena heartland, Maserati continues to innovate, integrating sustainable practices with its renowned luxury offerings.

Folgore: A New Symbol of Maserati’s Evolution

Folgore, meaning ‘lightning’ in Italian, perfectly captures the essence of Maserati’s dynamic shift towards electrification. This new chapter is not just about adapting to change but leading it, as demonstrated on Folgore Day. Held alongside the Formula E races at the Misano World Circuit, this event showcased Maserati's leadership in electric mobility, from thrilling automotive reveals to strategic announcements about future technologies.

The event also featured a deep dive into Maserati’s advanced electric mobility technologies. Attendees got an up-close look at the integration of electric systems within the Grecale Folgore, noted for its spacious interior and superior performance. The Folgore charging wallbox and a showcase of bespoke customization options further highlighted Maserati’s dedication to personal luxury and environmental responsibility.

Extending Electrification Beyond the Road

In a pioneering move, Maserati also introduced TRIDENTE, an all-electric luxury motorboat, in collaboration with Vita Power. This extension of Maserati’s electrification strategy to the marine sector emphasizes the brand’s holistic approach to sustainable luxury, offering high-performance, elegance, and a reduced environmental footprint on water as well as land.

A Cultural Resonance with the “It Turns You On” Campaign

The launch of the “It Turns You On” campaign, featuring Italian rock sensation Damiano David, encapsulates the vibrant spirit of the new Maserati. This campaign, with its narrative of energy, style, and Italian flair, resonates deeply with a global audience, connecting the legacy of Maserati with a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious ethos.

A New Chapter for Maserati and Its Admirers

As Maserati embraces this new electric era, Folgore Day not only celebrates the evolution of a luxury icon but also invites consumers to partake in a sustainable, electrified future. With a commitment to elegance and performance, Maserati continues to inspire, proving that luxury and sustainability can coexist beautifully. For enthusiasts and future customers, Maserati’s new path is not just about cars; it's about a lifestyle choice that values tradition, innovation, and care for our planet.

Photos courtesy of Maserati.