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In our Edition V, we journey to Paris, this year's Olympic host city. Here, we explore their ambitious transformation into a '15-minute city' and we assess what it takes for a host city or region to benefit sustainably from the Olympic Games in terms of infrastructure and from a socio-cultural viewpoint. But Paris is not alone in its quest. Cities around the globe are tackling what many see as the Achilles' heel of urban mobility: parking. Innovative solutions are emerging, from automated vertical parking systems to smart charging points that integrate into existing infrastructures, turning a problem into a cornerstone of urban strategy.

As we look forward, let's also take a moment to appreciate how far we've come. One of our favorite examples is the Swedish city of Gothenburg, transforming itself into a chic, ecologically consistent and economically efficient hotspot with the car manufacturer Volvo in its center. Or let the winner of our MOTION Young Photographer Award guide us in saying: "I want the viewer to feel the calm that I also felt at that moment despite the bustling liveliness around me."

"We are in the midst of a global transformation. Be part of that change. Our Edition V tells you how change can happen and provides a deep dive into the future of mobility, energy and infrastructure."
Michael Brecht, Publisher

We also asked mobility expert Stefanie Berliner about the latest developments with eVTOLs, electric vehicles that will take off and land vertically. We asked her to explain to us whether these electric vehicles are still science fiction or whether and when they’d become reality? The first commercial eVTOL flights will be in densely populated urban centers, where traffic congestion and mobility bottlenecks are part of everyday life. Cities such as Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Paris have recognized the benefits and are already launching pilot projects. Of course, the prices for eVTOL flights will initially be in the luxury segment, especially for short-haul flights and inner-city connections, comparable to exclusive luxury shuttle services. But on longer routes, prices will become increasingly competitive and, thus, comparable with cab rides.

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