Nordic EV Summit in Oslo - Where the Future of Electric Mobility is Formed
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Norway has established itself as a global leader in the transition to electric mobility, with an array of supportive policies and consumer incentives that have significantly driven EV uptake. The summit is hosted by an international team based in Oslo. Christina Bu serves as the Secretary General of the Norwegian EV Association, a role she has held for over nine years, highlighting her extensive experience and dedication to the electric vehicle (EV) movement. Under her leadership, the association has grown into the world's largest EV driver organization, boasting more than 130,000 members. This growth reflects Norway's pioneering status in EV adoption, where new car sales have soared past an 80 percent EV market share, demonstrating a significant shift towards sustainable transportation. The Norwegian EV Association, as an NGO and consumer organization, collaborates with governmental bodies, the industry, and other organizations to foster the adoption of electric vehicles, emphasizing the critical role of policy, innovation, and consumer acceptance in driving the EV revolution forward​​​​.

Norway - a role model when it comes to EV transformation

We have gathered some key statistics and facts to understand the importance of Norway's transformation efforts:

Electric Vehicle Market Share: As of 2023, Norway achieved a new record in electric vehicle sales, with EVs accounting for 82.4% of all new car sales, up from 79.3% in 2022 and 64.5% in 2021. This growth trajectory underscores Norway's commitment to sustainable transportation and positions it as a leading electric vehicle market globally​​.

EV Registrations: In the same year, Norway saw over 100,000 electric cars newly registered, further cementing its status as the EV capital of the world. This brings the total number of electric cars to a significant portion of the national fleet, demonstrating the country's successful transition towards electric mobility​​.

Zero-Emission Goals: Looking forward, Norway has set ambitious targets for its transportation sector. By 2025, the Norwegian Parliament has committed to ensuring all new cars sold are zero-emission vehicles (either fully electric or hydrogen-powered). This goal reflects Norway's proactive approach to reducing emissions and leading by example in the global shift towards more sustainable transportation options​​.

“Christina Bu's efforts contribute to promoting the transition to electric mobility both within Norway and on the international stage.”
Michael Brecht, Founder of MOTION Magazine.

Major Sponsors and Participants of the Nordic EV Summit 2024

The summit features a wide array of sponsors across different tiers, reflecting the diverse ecosystem of the e-mobility industry:

Diamond Partners: include prominent names such as PwC and Kempower.

Platinum Partners: feature companies like Ekoenergetyka.

Gold Partners: include Alpitronic, ABB, EVBox, mer and several others.

Silver and Bronze Partners: represent a broad spectrum of companies involved in electric mobility solutions, from charging infrastructure to service providers​​.

Among the many participants and speakers, notable ones include Sigrid de Vries from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Guillaume Pelletreau from Nissan AMIEO, and representatives from leading car manufacturers and organizations such as Zeekr Technology Europe, Polestar, Volvo Cars, and Rivian​​.

Program Highlights

The summit's program encompasses a range of topics crucial to the future of electric mobility. Sessions will cover the latest in EV charging technology, sustainable and ethical supply chains for batteries, and global EV adoption trends. It will also include discussions on the electrification of various transport sectors, from cars to maritime mobility, and showcase the role of Norway and the Nordic region as leaders in transport electrification​​.

This event serves as an invaluable platform for networking, learning, and sharing insights into the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. Whether you're an industry professional, policymaker, or EV enthusiast, the Nordic EV Summit 2024 offers a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions in e-mobility.

Photos courtesy of Nordic EV Summit and Michael Brecht.