Female Leadership: Janelle Wang
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Name: Janelle Wang
Title: CEO & Co-Founder of ACTON
In the Role Since: 2013

What made you choose the mobility world for your career?

We lived in downtown Los Angeles for a number of years when I was in my twenties. The traffic and pollution are absurd to a level that I told myself "We need to do something to make a change", offer clean and more efficient mobility solutions to make our cities enjoyable and livable.

What do you love most about your job?

Learning something new everyday

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Female Empowerment? Is there any particular female leader you would like to mention?

Sheryl Sandberg, former COO of Facebook
Jennifer Dungs from EIT InnoEnergy, not only Jennifer sits on ACTON's board, she is a mentor, coach to me and I can call her a friend as well.

How do you cope in a male dominated (hardware and software oriented) mobility business?

It is Very hard and difficult sometimes. The environment will only grow female leaders in this industry stronger and tougher, and shift the industry change for better equality.

Are there any specific tips you’d like to give to other women in mobility?

Never give up.

Where do you currently live?

Reno, Nevada

Which car do you drive (if any)?

Currently on the waiting list for a Tesla.

Location that is on your bucket-list?

Machu Picchu, Peru; back in east Africa (I was there for months when I was in college)

Driver or Co-Pilot?


Bike or E-Bike?


Who would you like to have as your next passenger for a long distance trip in an EV?

My husband Peter Treadway, also cofounder of ACTON. He is VERY knowledgeable about cars & EVs, he will keep me updated on all the mobility news (vs. me reading these articles)

Formula 1 or Formula E?

Formula E

Your quote or message for a smart mobility future?

Less talk, let's DO more to build the smart cities together

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