Female Leadership: Isabel Gora
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Name: Isabel Vimbai Makwara Gora
Title: Senior Manager, Deloitte

What made you choose the mobility world for your career?

Actually it chose me as I was approached by a world leading OEM during my studies. I said yes, because I was intrigued by the fact that the industry is in the process of reinvention leaving room for innovation and transformation. The interdisciplinarity of the workforce around transforming the industry from technical engineers working together with software developers on topics around sustainability and smart mobility was certainly something I wanted to be a part of. It is very fulfilling to now have crossed over to the problem-solving side as a consultant and still be able to make an impact on a wider range.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the vibrant environment of working with talented people who have the same goal, namely to solve the most pressing problems our clients are facing. As a senior manager it is my role to ensure that the case teams have work structures that allow them to perform and deliver quality results for our clients. I enjoy developing people and shaping their careers.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Female Empowerment? Is there any particular female leader you would like to mention?

Oprah Winfrey

Are there any specific tips you’d like to give to other women in automotive consulting?

My advice is to be comfortable with being the only woman in the room and not to be afraid of failure. Have confidence in your abilities, continuously build your knowledge and get yourself a mentor .  

Which car do you currently drive?

I drive a C class, Mercedes-Benz

Longest drive with an EV?


Location that is on your bucket-list?


Driver or Co-Pilot?


Bike or E-Bike?

E-bike, I am not a biker but this has potential to get me riding even more and thereby staying fit. Looking forward to owning one soon!

Who would you like to have as your next passenger for a long distance trip in an EV?

Michelle Obama – she is a true inspiration, a symbol of hope for the minority and underrepresented. Her resilience in the face of adversities as FLOTUS was remarkable. Her book, Becoming, left me with curiosity that would be perfectly quenched on a road-trip in an EV!

Formula 1 or Formula E?

Formula 1, I am a staunch fan of Lewis Hamilton.

Your quote or message for a smart mobility future?

My message would be that we take a step back and pause for a second and ask ourselves: how might we proactively leverage on modern smart technologies and bring maximum value to the customers and thereby not harm the environment.

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