Female Leadership: Carla Detrieux
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Name: Carla Detrieux
Title: Director of Business Development, Volta Trucks

How long have you been in that role?

I have been on my meaningful mission with Volta Trucks since May 2020, and it feels like it has been a decade !

What made you choose the mobility world for your career?

Before I chose “mobility” as a path, I chose Volta Trucks for the vision our Founders have, and for the perspective I had of building everything from scratch. Now, I have always loved the automotive segment. The art of design, “the universe” and the belonging feeling that some brands create fascinate me – for some it almost becomes a lifestyle, think about Harley Davidson and their aficionados tattooing their skin – this is mystical !

What do you love most about your job?

Our team. Connecting people and organisations that have the same goals and finding ways of triggering major business opportunities. Changing the codes and disrupting the commercial vehicle industry.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Female Empowerment? Is there any particular female leader you would like to mention?
I get inspired by a lot of people; I don’t necessarily have one model. Battling a cause, drive, dedication, passion, people that take risks and that are self-confident are what inspire me.

Are there any specific tips you’d like to give to other women in mobility?
I very recently heard “you need to be a male to do this”. Which naturally got on my nerves and my pride. But don’t ever let this bring you down, let it be your DC-charge for achieving your goals, win, and enjoy the win!
Which car do you currently drive?

Right now, none, but if I had to pick one, I would lease the Renault Megane Electric – she looks great!

The place you want to visit that is on your bucket list?

My team offered me a skydiving session for my birthday – so altitude, I guess! As if I didn’t have enough adrenaline with my job…

Driver or Co-Pilot?

I always end up co-piloting, I argue too much and stress everybody out while driving…so I give the steering wheel up.

Bike or E-Bike?


Who would you like to have as your next passenger for a long-distance trip in an EV?

I’d take the management team of Marriott and Accor groups, to convince them to invest with their subcontractors in an electric fleet. Millions of tons of goods (laundry, food, beverages, amenities) are supplied every day, and their footprint is gigantic. Plus, given my background in hospitality, I would be very proud to support these two corporations, which represent more than 10,000 hotels worldwide.

Formula 1 or Formula E?

Formula E – but last time I went to one in Monaco, a 15-year-old and dirty diesel truck was towing a damaged car after a silent race… Formula E, you can do this!

Your quote or message for a smart mobility future?

If we expect the technology to be perfect from day 1, then it isn’t innovation. Thought leaders that will start piloting, making mistakes, and therefore learning, will be the frontrunners. And we want to work with them!

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