Female Leadership: Annie Pin
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Name: Annie Pin
Title: Chief Commercial Officer, member of the Executive committee of ALD and Global Sponsor of the EV program.

How long have you been in your current role?
Since 2019.

What made you choose the mobility world for your career?
A pure coincidence! I lived at that time in Denmark and I was simply looking for a job. It was later that I discovered electric cars and fell in love with them. It became suddenly possible to move freely, without the feeling of harming the planet. For me, EVs reconciled two of the basic values I had: freedom and 0 impact.

What do you love most about your job?

The freedom and the trust I am given to be a part of “inventing” the Mobility of tomorrow. I think the Mobility space evolutions (and disruptions!) are fascinating and I am grateful to be able to not only “watch” but also actively “shape” this new environment. ALD as one of the major global leasing company was already a trend setter and market leader, but with the planned integration of Leaseplan, could become – even more – a reference in that space, and contribute in moving the needle towards newer forms of mobility.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Female Empowerment? Is there any particular female leader you would like to mention?

This is actually a good question because I would actually tend to say: no one. I have male role models, I am a big fan of Elon Musk for example, because of how futuristic his vision is. But I cannot say that I have real female role models. And I have to say this is actually a problem: active females in the Automotive world today rarely have someone to “look up to”, someone who can inspire them. Few of us make it to C suite and for the ones who make it, they sometimes offer an image in which a lot of women do not recognize themselves. We look at them and ask ourselves: do I need to become so hard in order to make it to the top ? Do I need to sacrifice my family life for my career ? Do I need to copy men in their style?
I actually think we need to “invent” our role models. We are in many ways a generation of pioneers, the first generation where it is possible to make it to the top without being an “anomaly” or an “exception”. I wish we can invent our own way to look at Leadership, not by copying men in what we think they do well, but also include more female values and what we, women, do well: a more human, inclusive, caring, pragmatic management style, away from the confrontations and political games.

Are there any specific tips you’d like to give to other women in mobility?

Not to be afraid and not to hide your differences. Diversity is a strength, not only for women but for all “minorities” and it is ok to be different and to think different. If I take the example of the Automotive space, many market studies show women are half of the users but also very often the final decision taker in a household when choosing a car. We, women, have typically different criteria for choosing our cars: we care less about performance, brand, technology and more about driver experience, user friendly designs, economics. So in designing cars and related services, it is important to take care of all opinions and not only the ones of the traditional crowd of male engineers passionate about cars.
I have a vision and ambition of making the use of cars accessible to all, not only designed for “car people” but really everyone. And I think a path towards more parity and diversity in general, will lead to it. So my advice to sum up: don’t be shy, go for it ! and don’t hide your differences, they are your strengths !

Which car do you currently drive?

I drive a Tesla Model 3

Longest drive with an EV?

Half of Norway! Where I lived for many years.

The top location on your bucket list?


Your preferred Co-Pilot?

My partner!

Bike or E-Bike?


Who would you like to have as your next passenger for a long-distance trip in an EV?

My children; they are a bit noisy, but life would be boring without them!

Formula 1 or Formula E?

Formula E definitely !

Your quote or message for a smart mobility future?

I dream of a future where our freedom of movement will be instantaneous, fast and endless, but leaving no negative impact on the planet. For me that would be the Smart mobility of the future.

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