Bike Temple Opens in Amsterdam
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The Stationsplein bicycle garage was built under the so-called ‘Open Harbourfront’ in Amsterdam and can store almost 7,000 bicycles. It is equipped with two-tiered racks and with monitoring technology to keep the two-wheelers safe. The futuresque parking facility was opened on the 25th of January by Vivianne Heijnen, Dutch state secretary for infrastructure and water management and is a Wurck design.

Wurck, who effectively likes his name to be written wUrck, is a local architect who also supervised the remodelling of Central Station’s entrance including several bridges in Amsterdam. The design was done in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum. The construction of the garage was carried out by German contractor Max Bögl for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

According to Oriol Casas Cancer, wUrck architect and partner, comfort was key when designing the bicycle garage.

“The use of daylight and light, high-quality materials gives the bicycle shed a pleasant feeling. In addition, the main path of the bicycle shed has been designed as a 'street' and forms a direct connection to the metro and the station.”

Stationsplein bicycle garage is only the beginning of an even bigger scheme for cycling infrastructure in the largest Dutch city. A second bicycle parking facility has been built in the water for approximately 4,000 bicycles on the IJboulevard, the rear of Amsterdam, scheduled to be opened in February 2023. The new garage is currently in its finishing phase on the IJ side of Amsterdam CS station. Together both new bike garages offer space for around 11,000 bicycles, which makes both the largest bicycle parking facility in the city.

Photos courtesy of Dutch Cycling Embassy.