The Women Driving The EV Revolution

This week’s special gallery introduces six female players pushing today’s EV space. We asked six entrepreneurs about their drive to accelerate the smart mobility revolution. From Montreal to Munich, from Oslo to Düsseldorf and from Vienna to Zurich: the joys and passion of female EV makers accelerating smart mobility here on MOTION.

Business Development, UFODRIVE Vienna

“What excites me is to be part of this electric revolution, as part of the innovative team at UFODRIVE. I am passionate about helping drive the change to electric mobility in Austria. EVs are not only a lifestyle but a statement of sustainable mobility and I want to inspire more women to explore E-Mobility.”

Head of EV Charging Infrastructure, ABB Canada

“It brings me such joy whenever I see a public EV charger in the parking of wherever I go - whether it’s at a grocery store, movie theater or ski hill or other. Not only am I able to charge my car, but these spots are typically the premium spots right near the entrance and in some cases are free of charge. I know that more and more chargers will be installed over the years and public chargers will become a standard for parking lots, however until then I’ll enjoy the little moment of happiness it brings me to come across one.”

Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association

“If we just look at Norway, our comprehensive survey among 16.000 Norwegian EV drivers shows that 82 per cent answer that they would buy another electric vehicle if they had to replace their existing electric car tomorrow. Only 4 per cent answer that they would go back to a fossil–fueled car,” explains Christina about the success of electric vehicles in Norway. Read more from Christina Bu in our exclusive interview here on MOTION in a few days.

Executive Director, SIXT share

“Running a 100% electric car sharing fleet is possible. We already see this with SIXT share in the Netherlands, which has been a success story from the first day on. To make it possible, however, we need comprehensive charging infrastructure, also in rural areas, enlightened customers and, ideally, a standardized charging process.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Urban Connect Zurich

“I love that our business model is positioned at the heart of one of the biggest transformations in mobility: the shift from ownership to access. I believe that this shift continues to accelerate and it is inspiring to me to be part of this evolution. As a multi-modal platform for corporate shared mobility, our mission is to help push the mobility-as-a-service model further into the mainstream. Seeing companies happy with our services is one of the biggest motivations for me.”

Head of Mobility, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG

“Living in the city of Düsseldorf, I prefer to use my bike and the e-moped sharing service eddy for city traffic. If I have to transport larger loads or children, a trailer goes on the bike. In bad weather, I have the ride pooling service CleverShuttle conveniently take me from door to door in its fleet of e-vehicles. In all cases, there's no need to search for a parking space and I arrive in a relaxed mood.”