NIO House Oslo – The Art of Selling Electric Cars

There’s a new art of selling cars in town. With international electric car manufacturers on the move into our cities, a breath of fresh air aims to lure traditional buyers of Ford, BMW or Mercedes-Benz vehicles away from their dealerships. The outlets are called Polestar Space, Tesla Store or NIO House. MOTION Co-Founder Michael had the chance to get an exclusive insight into the new NIO house on prestigious Karl Johans gate in Oslo.

When the Oslo NIO house opened a few weeks back in October, only a few insiders of the global mobility scene had an idea about the concept, the Chinese manufacturer NIO was planning to show in the Norwegian capital. In fact, the NIO house in Oslo is one of the first 30 NIO houses that are open globally today - with many of them to follow.

Each NIO House consists of seven main areas. Here the owners of a NIO EV as much as the potential new clients are able to find inspiration and joy in everyday life. Light, lots of wood and the super-friendly NIO staff give you a warm welcome in this open space.

For those of you that are missing the mention of ‘car’ or ‘sales’ or ‘dealership’ – well done. NIO introduces its houses as a place to ‘explore, relax, learn, exercise, work, enjoy a cup of coffee and meet new people’. No need to get into the nitty gritty details of a car sale itself, the NIO house is a destination and not a sales entity.

The design in the NIO house fits perfectly well into the Scandinavian furnishing, sometimes even outdoing the level of detail we know from Norwegian, Danish or Swedish designers.

The plenum is the centerpiece of the house with a huge screen and surrounding meeting rooms that can be booked for private or business functions alike.

Detailed drawings help you understand the concept of NIO houses and related services or events. Materials used in the house are displayed, there is no single vehicle on one of these drawings to be seen.

Take your kids to the NIO house with you. The young ones will enjoy the children’s area and find toys to explore. Older ones will spend their time at table tennis – one of the Chinese domains in sports. Parents will have lots of time to focus on understanding the NIO concept.

Coffee anyone? I did in fact enjoy my coffee while checking my notes on my mobile. Too easy. Thanks for allowing me this detailed look, it is going to be interesting to see how NIO will thrive in Norway with their electric cars and their battery swapping stations. We’ll keep you posted.