Meet Our Female MOTION Mobility Movers!

We are very happy to present the third part of our series of Female MOTION Mobility Movers. We are herewith expanding our group of women that drive smart mobility solutions. These women work in international organizations and are role the models we look up to when it comes to taking mobility to the next level.

Shirly Kalush, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at GoTo Global, Multimodal Mobility

“For the past decade, in all my roles, I have been leading the movement of shared mobility, moving from ownership to shared rides and shared electric vehicles. As cities are becoming more and more urbanized, traffic pollution and congestion are becoming intolerable. Cities understand this and are taking measures to remove fuel-based cars from city centers by only allowing electric vehicles to enter and park for free as well as creating bike lanes for micro mobility riders. GoTo’s mission is to remove private car ownership by providing users and businesses a holistic solution for all their mobility needs, that gives them the confidence and simplicity that owning their own car brings. GoTo does so by providing them with EV bikes, kick scooters, mopeds, cars and vans that can be booked per minute, hour and days. Personally, I do not own a car and only use bikes and shared vehicles to move around and outside of town.”

Dr. Nari Kahle, Head of Strategic Programs at CARIAD by Volkswagen AG | Author „Mobilität in Bewegung“

"For me, sustainable mobility needs to take all aspects into account: ecological, economic and social sustainability. Especially regarding socially sustainable mobility, we need to provide better access towards mobility for the ones who need it most. In my book „Mobility on the move“ I have therefore written about the most pressing needs in building better mobility, showing that there already are innovative solutions by amazing mobility shapers, working towards a better mobile future for all.“

Jennifer Dungs, Thematic Field Leader Energy for Transport & Mobility | EIT InnoEnergy

“It is projected that we will see more disruption in the field of mobility in the next 10 years than we did in the previous 100. My vision is that in the next 10 years we will move from seeing the car as the dominant mode of transport in our cities to purpose-built electric vehicles such as e-cargo bike, ebikes, and shared vehicles – for the movement of both people and goods. And, I am passionate about supporting mobility innovators to implement these more sustainable, convenient and smart solutions.”

Marina van Helvoort, Executive Director Dutch EV Association VER and CEO E-Division

“After ten years of plowing and sowing the EV fields, I’m extremely happy to see how the world of EV is evolving into a mature industry with lots of advantages and opportunities for all who are willing to change their drive and not just drive the change. I look at my fellow female entrepreneurs and I’m overcome with pride; I know by experience it’s not easy for a woman to prevail in a man’s Industry. You need a strong vision and a vivid dream to persevere and be successful in this industry. We are women on a mission: “going 100% electric” and more.”

Andrea Kollmorgen, Co-Founder and CEO, Simulytic (A Siemens Venture)

"The promise of autonomous vehicles goes far beyond cool technology, but they unlock an opportunity for accessible, inclusive and intelligent mobility solutions. Mobility – and access to mobility – is a basic human right. This is at the heart of what drives me to bring market accelerating simulation technology to the AV ecosystem – starting with insurers and regulators. Having the opportunity to build up a company, a new product category and an inclusive working culture in such a pioneering industry is the most rewarding (and back breaking) challenge I’ve had the opportunity to lead.“

Anja Hendel, Managing Director, diconium

“Europeans are great at making good hardware products. But software is eating the world and digital transformation doesn't stop there. That is why I support companies to shift their business from hardware-focused to software-driven. Software platforms have the power to make many products both more sustainable and more inclusive by being accessible to anyone, anywhere. Therefore, diconium’s mission is to enable people and companies to become digital champions.”