Exclusive MOTION Magazine Launch in Munich

Launching our new MOTION Magazine in style: together with 50 invited guests we celebrated the release of our brand-new MOTION Magazine Edition Four. Our event was held in the magnificent showrooms of Dross & Schaffer in Munich. It was a cold Tuesday evening in the Bavarian capital and Munich is slowly getting ready for 2023 year’s end celebrations. Our teams together with an amazing crew from VZug made this evening a delightful one for all of us to remember. Here are a few images from the night full of discussion on the future of mobility and the 60 year anniversary of Dross & Schaffer itself.

Warming Up
An active discussion on the similarities in the transformation of ‘the kitchen space’ and mobility & transportation started the evening.

MOTION Co-Founder Andrew Santos and Art Director Mathias Leidgschwendner follow the talk about future mobility solutions.

The Kitchen Crew
This was an evening with excellent food provided by sponsor VZug. Hand crafted delicacies accompanied by a lush Crémant or a nice glass of wine, the culinary delights enjoyed by the many guests in the evening.

Presenting the Common Challenges
The evening in Munich Schwabing was full of joy and excitement. And still the discussion was focussing on the challenges our current transformation poses on all of us.

MOTION meets JOLT Energy
You need an expert for high power charging solutions: meet Martin Betzold from JOLT Energy in Munich. In discussion with MOTION Mag Co-Founder Michael Brecht on the future of charging solutions in our cities.

Great Evening
Sharing the progress in smart mobility - MOTION Magazine is all about emotional storytelling - we need to take people with us on this transformation journey. Well, here you go!

Our New MOTION Magazine Cover
MOTION Magazine Edition Four - our deep dive into the future of mobility. We find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey that has been the last three years of MOTION Magazine. Here’s to the next chapter and the continued journey toward smart, sustainable mobility.