Driving the Conversation: Visitor Feedback from IAA Mobility 2023

As smart mobility enthusiasts covering the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, we've had the unique opportunity to capture the pulse of both industry insiders and the general public. The summit at the Munich Fair served as a nexus for professionals—experts, visionaries, and leaders—who gathered to present and discuss transformative ideas that aim to shape the future of mobility. Simultaneously, the Open Space happenings in the heart of Munich provided a democratic platform where the public could engage hands-on with cutting-edge technologies, from electric vehicles to futuristic urban solutions. The dual-venue setup was an apt metaphor for the event's mission: to bridge the gap between high-level discourse and everyday experience. Visitor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a collective enthusiasm for sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. These responses are not just insightful but essential, as they offer a window into the evolving expectations and aspirations of society in the face of rapid technological change.

Stefanie Berliner, Automotive & Mobility Expert & Sustainability Advocate

Pulsating, but not yet quite on the pulse of time! That was the IAA Mobility for me this year. Despite new technologies and a wider competitive range of OEMs, mobility services and concepts were missing instead of product innovations. Mobility transformation means intermodal, disruptive, digital, inclusive and simple. That's what was missing.

Ole & Lovis Bertermann, Munich Residents

We drove our BMW CE04 Electric Motorbike to the IAA Mobility, it is quite a fantastic interactive and new driving experience - yet you feel safe on it. Electric vehicles are great, you just have to plug it into the socket for commuting and off you go.

Rasmus Fuhrmann, Google Munich

Great fair, B2B is working in the fair, B2C is working in the city. I think it’s a great match and the IAA Mobility in Munich should continue exactly like this.

Maud von Hoff, Ca Go Bikes Koblenz

This year's IAA Mobility is well attended, we had very good conversations, there is a high level of interest, and with the great weather, the event is a good platform to bring the topic of mobility forward.

Marcelina Kwiatkowski, Volkswagen Group Wolfsburg

Open Space - Open Mind: We had many open and inspiring conversations with potential new colleagues. I was particularly pleased with the great interest in our IAA Recruiting booth.

Daniel Peter Müller, Mercuri Urval Zürich

In my view, the IAA Mobility is a successful and varied combination of experiencing mobility from the perspective of the business and the consumer.

Stephan Obwegeser, Touring Club Switzerland

Outside is better than inside! Why is that? I am interested in new mobility concepts and eMicromobility, hence I would not have gone to a classic car show at all. The new IAA Mobility promised to move away from cars to mobility and it delivered: Great concepts tangible for people and exciting for experts on its Open Spaces in the center of Munich.

Dennis Ullner, Strategy Director at Grabarz & Partner

There are two sides to the IAA coin. People completely immersed in automotive culture and professionals from that field will find it fascinating year after year and have ample opportunity to engage with each other. People just curious, which should be the real target group to win over, may find it lacking in opportunities to really experience the brands apart from looking at cars. The IAA and brands attending would do well thinking about broader and more experiential engagement of visitors, who are not yet in the nitty-gritty of the automotive scene.

Katherine Zhang, Google Shanghai

I like the idea that there are many Chinese automotive brands coming to the IAA Mobility in Munich. They offer fabulous and highly advanced products and their speed of innovation is really impressive.