Behind the Scenes - A Day in the Eifel

Welcome to the Eifel. The home of the legendary Nürburgring and site of our magazine's cover story shoot this past autumn. This exhibit is a behind the scenes look from the perspective of MOTION co-founder Andrew Santos who had the pleasure of being a part of MOTION's biggest project to date.
Gaby von Oppenheim's Porsche 911

What can I say? After seeing photos and hearing about Gaby's exploits on this car, I was very happy to have finally seen her 911 in person. It was absolutely fantastic to hear its roar in person as I follow it from the Taycan or while sitting on the co-pilot's seat.

Traveling South with the Porsche Taycan

Before we could get started with the festivities out west, I needed to drive the Taycan from Hamburg to our location at the Eifel. For someone who has driven a handful of electric vehicles, I must admit that this was my first road-trip on a non-Tesla vehicle. That means I was worried about not being able to use the supercharger network for the first time! This anxiety was  heightened when I arrived at a broken Shell charger with 10% left on the charge. Other than that, it was quite smooth sailing thanks to the reliable IONITY chargers along the way.

The Show Stopper - The 911

Though I find both cars amazing in their own rights, Gaby's 911 stole the show wherever we went. Whether it was a carwash stop, a photo op at a scenic route or pulling up to the Nürburgring's driving pavilion, all eyes were on the classic car.

The Man with the Creative Eye - Mathias Leidgschwender

One of the key addtions to the MOTION team in 2022, Mathias joined our team and have taken MOTION's design and artistic direction to a whole new level. An absolute maestro when it comes to magazines and publications, Mathias is the lead we needed to further sharpen our craft. You can visit Mathias' site to see more of his work.

Falling In Love While on a Roadtrip

After more than 1,250km of driving the Porsche Taycan from Hamburg to the Eifel and back, I must say that it was difficult not to fall in love with the car. From the German Autobahn, to pitch black country roads and the Nürburgring itself, I was an absolute pleasure to get to know a car that might be setting the standards when it comes to electric vehicles in the future. It still needs some work, but boy, everybody else should be on the lookout once the team in Stuttgart eventually get their software game right.

The Head Honcho Looks On

People might not know this, but I first met Michael Brecht almost ten years ago while on his role as CEO of another startup. With his business acumen, eye for detail and passion for smart mobility, MOTION is in great hands. With such colleagues, you can't help but get motivated!

Electric Vehicles and The Nürburgring

Sounds like mixing oil and water? It sure did feel like it at times. One of the frustrating things about having the Taycan in the Nürburgring was the lack of a fast charger in the area. We had to settle for a standard 22kw e.ON unit that made charging an agonizingly slow experience. Luckily for Tesla drivers, there are Superchargers down the street to keep them going around the track.

Chasing Down the GT3

After a day of driving around the country roads and hours of shooting, it was time to sit on the Taycan and take it for a spin around the Nürburgring. While Gaby was at the wheel, Mathias, Stephie (our photographer) and I were screaming for joy as "we" hunt down a 911 GT3 while on the Taycan. As Gaby puts it, "this whale can fly!".

The Cover Shoot

After some fun around the track, it was back to business. We lined up the two Porsche's on the Nürburgring's famous "Fahrerlager" and began working on finding that perfect shot for our Edition Two's cover. Seen here is Stephie Braun, our very talented photographer who worked on our feature story.

Day Turns Into Night

As the light fades, the temperature dropping and crew getting weary… we kept at it til we got that final shot. After a full day of driving and running around our various spots, the team was extremely satisfied with the results of the day's work and retreated back to the hotel feeling excited about the outcome of the shoot.

The (Electric) Future is Bright

The world is full-speed ahead towards electrification. Many EV drivers, including myself, have established a mental checklist of how the perfect electric vehicle and the experience driving them should be. Top of that list woud be software, range, ease of charging and streamlined user experience. These are the points the established manufacturers still need to master. But if the Taycan is any indication, they are getting close, not quite there yet, but in combination with the decades-old expertise in building cars, brands such as Porsche are not far from closing the gap against the industry's market leaders.