Alfa Romeo MILANO - Italian Passion and Electric Lifestyle

Here comes the first fully electric Alfa Romeo - the MILANO - a new compact car built for urban challenges with the beautiful reminiscence of an Italian legend. As one of the fourteen brands in the Stellantis family, Alfa Romeo extends a welcome to a new generation of Alfisti enthusiasts. The iconic brand, which plans to be fully electric by 2027, starts deliveries in Italy this month with an availability in 28 countries by the end of the year. “MILANO is family”, a tribute to other small vehicles from Alfa like the MITO, which was discontinued in 2019. The MILANO has the potential to be a model for all, Alfa transforming from an exclusive to an inclusive electric brand.

Driving pleasure combined with top-notch technical solutions - emotional, stylish yet sustainable as in electric - the MILANO represents all these aspects combined with a confident attitude. MOTION Magazine took a first glance at what promises to be a game changer for smaller electric vehicles in our cities. The Milano ELETTRICA is a fully electric vehicle, the IBRIDA a 136 horsepower hybrid and the Milano VELOCE represents the sportiest solution: the Inter of the Milanos - so to say.

The Alfa Romeo Milano promises to bring some fun to the cities. With a range of 410 km and a fast charge from 10 to 80 percent under 30 minutes, the MILANO is well equipped for tomorrow’s demands. A pretty small battery with 54 kWh capacity has a weight advantage of 200 kg versus other vehicles in this category, making the MILANO an economical and smart alternative to the small number of small EVs today on the market.

With a price point of 30,000 Euro, the new MILANO has the potential to deliver what other car manufacturers are trying to deliver: an affordable electric car for the family or the sports car lover at the same time. Its compact dimensions – a length of 4.17 meters, width of 1.78 m and height of 1.5 m – encompass the uniqueness of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile's original and modern “Made in Italy” design.

Destined to profoundly change the concept of sportiness in the largest segment in Europe, the new MILANO is based on the precise desire to produce a compact car, just over 4 meters long, with an all-new, up-to-date sporting spirit. Available in two power versions, 156 or 240 hp, the new electric car ensures excellent performance and an engaging and sporty drive, like every Alfa Romeo.

“Ready to drive, Anywhere, Anytime,” the electric car the Alfa Romeo way: reassuring and simple, it supports the customer in their everyday driving experience. MILANO ELETTRICA is equipped with an exclusive connected navigation system (EV Routing) for access to over 600,000 charging stations, the largest charging network in Europe, the exclusive Free2move charge E-Card, and a wallbox as standard. All included in the price of 30,000 Euro.

“We are at home in Milano, our roots are in Milano”. No doubt: the presentation of this new electric urban vehicle was emotional, typical Italian in style and value. Its mother company Stellantis will invest more than 5 billion Euros in Italy alone with a circular economy plant in Turin, 15 new electric models and a brand new battery factory. Stellantis has a vision, that’s clear, and the Alfa Romeo team is here to execute this strategy - with passion and emotion. We really like that.