The Bicycle Newly Invented
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How does one succeed in sustainably building an international mobility brand? Using the example of the Munich-based company mocci, we provide an insight into the creation of a differentiated brand profile for a young mobility brand. With its new, international brand identity, actual innovation and clear added customer value, mocci has the potential to change our urban mobility.

Target groups have an increasingly short attention span in today's fast-paced world. However, their demands are continuously increasing. The background to this is a constantly increasing number of mobility solutions that flood the markets year after year. Companies can only survive in such an environment if, in addition to real innovation and added customer value, they develop a clearly differentiated brand profile and systematically play it across all offers and channels.

How do you make such a brand change or positioning happen?

How this works in practice is shown by the example of the Munich-based company mocci, an innovative provider in the field of urban micromobility. Safe, low-maintenance and networked: the "Smart Pedal Vehicles" from mocci are optimised for the high demands of commercial mobility. The pedals drive a generator that creates a signal for the powerful electric motor in the rear wheel, a powerful battery additionally supports driving, all without chain or belt. The intelligent software reports when service is due and adapts to the rider's preferences. Thanks to diverse individual box & transport solutions, mocci can be used to realise a variety of inner-city and company mobility scenarios across all sectors. The heavy-duty wheels for last-mile logistics can be used, for example, to deliver groceries, for courier trips, with an additional trailer as a compact service vehicle for urban areas or for modern campus mobility. A driving licence and additional costs due to taxes or insurance are not necessary to drive the Smart Pedal Vehicles.

Together with partners such as the lead agency inuit from Hamburg or the Swiss strategy consultancy The Transformation Group, mocci has built up and developed its own brand in recent years. Today, mocci has a clearly differentiated (1) brand positioning, distinctive (2) brand assets that stand out from the crowd and have high recognition value, tangible (3) brand icons as concrete manifestations of a positioning as well as convincing (4) brand experiences.

Find out more about how Munich based mobility startup mochi built and developed its brand in our MOTION Magazine Edition III. The full article written by Dr. Dennis Vogt is available helping you to work out the brand components and how to implement these changes.

Title photos courtesy of CIS Group.