St. Tropez Scenic Routes for You and Your Electric Bike
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The seamless power transfer from your pedalling efforts into the back wheel makes riding around the sun-drenched coast on an e-bike much easier. They also make travelling through the mountains, gorges and medieval villages the area has to offer effortless.

Most cycling routes around St Tropez don’t feature many steep climbs, but they can be long. These long climbs are where electric bikes excel, and you can choose as much assistance as you like, making you ride into a leisurely pedal or a scenic workout.

Cycling the roads of St Tropez is pretty safe. France is a huge cycling nation. Therefore you will find that most motorists are sympathetic to cyclists, giving you plenty of room.


Exploring St Tropez by bike couldn’t be easier thanks to the coastal cycle path. This route runs around the coast from Six-Fours to Frejus. It also includes the Golfe de Saint Tropez. The safe and protected path is also pretty flat, so it is super easy to ride, even on a regular bike. But, on an e-bike, you will be as fresh at the end of your ride as when you started.

But if you start in St Tropez itself, you can experience the beautiful harbour filled with boats ranging from fishing boats to superyachts. One of the most popular spots in the harbour is the lighthouse at the port’s entrance. Here, you get stunning views back towards St Tropez across the water.

To Port Grimaud

From St. Tropez, a popular route is to follow the path to Port Grimaud, which is 7km away. Therefore, you won’t need to be concerned about running out of battery power. This is a beautiful Venetian style fishing village built in the 1960s. Its canals and waterways surround the quaint Fisherman’s style houses, which are similar to those you will find in St Tropez. Here you can lock up your bike and jump on a small boat that takes you around the village, allowing you to see areas you can’t from the road of cycle path.

Continuing To Sainte Maxime

If you haven’t spent all day exploring the restaurants and ice cream parlours of Port Grimaud, you may want to continue to Sainte Maxime. This route will take you past some gorgeous coves and beaches. A good spot for a swim, is Les Cigales beach, before continuing your ride to Sainte Maxime.

Sainte Maxime is a bustling little town accessed via its famous bridge. Here you will find picturesque beaches and a harbour. The town is the perfect spot for sampling provencal gastronomic delights with a sea view. Sainte Maxime is also excellent for shopping, thanks to its abundance of shops. Every Thursday Sainte Maxime has a market perfect for buying organic local food and arts and crafts to put in your bike basket.

From Sainte Maxime, you can choose whether to jump back on your bike or take the Navette boat back to St Tropez. Running up to four times per hour in peak times, this is a fun way to see the coastline in a different way.


The great thing about electric mountain bikes is that they make it easier to access terrain you usually wouldn’t be able to get to, they also help you conserve energy, so you are fresh for the fun downhill part on the way home. Ultimately, electric mountain bikes make trails more accessible to more people.

St Tropez is an excellent destination for mountain biking. Several routes take you from the coast and into the hills and mountains.

Circuit des Monges, Theoule-sur-mer

This is an easy ride, especially on an electric mountain bike that takes you through the stunning Massif de l'Esterel. This route starts by the sea at Théoule-Sur-Mer, which is sheltered in a small cove, making it a beautiful seaside town with turquoise waters, sandy beaches and palm trees. Once you start riding, you follow the route into the foothills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the unusual landscapes of the Alpes-Maritimes.

300m of climbing takes you to Rocher des Monges. This area allows you to see the Volcanic Massif's caves and rock formations before heading back down towards the sea.

This route is popular with beginner riders, as they can take in the scenery without over-stretching themselves, as it is only 10km long. Your e-bike will have plenty of charges to take on this ride, especially as the route descends back down to Théoule-Sur-Mer, via the old piste des Mineurs and a small road.

Exploring The Off-Road Trails Of Hyeres

In the Southwest of St Tropez, you will find the commune of Hyeres, which has about 100km of marked mountain bike trails. They are labelled as an MTB-FFC site, and are graded in the same way ski slopes are:

• Green - Very easy

• Blue - Easy

• Red - Difficult

• Black Very difficult

The terrain here is suited to beginners and intermediate riders, and open all year with some restrictions during July and August and the hunting season. Therefore, it is worth checking with the tourist office with what you can ride.

Le Vallée des BORRELS features the CRAPA (Circuit Rustique d'Activités de Plein-Air), an area measuring twenty hectares popular with cyclists hikers. But, more serious mountain bikers should head to LA MAUNIÈRE. This is also FFC labelled and has six well-maintained mountain bike trails that are super fun and ideal for e-bikes too.

As you can see, electric bikes are perfect for exploring St Tropez and its surrounding areas. Whether you prefer a gentle pedal along aa safe coastal path or hitting the enduro trails further inland, there is something for you. But, no matter which you prefer, you can experience the sights and sounds of this iconic destination in a whole new way.