Shell Purchases US Charging and Media Network Volta
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Here's how it works: Volta is different to charging networks we know in Europe as it runs an advertising-based business model. Across the US, Volta positioned its chargers at shopping malls, supermarkets and grocery stores. Here, the drivers of electric cars park their vehicles and charge them for free while shopping. On Volta’s chargers we find large media displays. The network of more than 5,000 eye-catching screens today delivers measurable outcomes through precise targeting, creative capabilities, and programmatic buying options. Rising energy costs however, might have caused them to rethink the provision of energy for free to ev drivers.

Now, energy companies like Shell are becoming more and more open to turn into charging players by converting their petrol stations into charging hubs, or by acquiring players in the charging space. With an increasing number of electric cars on our roads, oil companies are keen to move into the charging space.

This shift into EV charging infrastructure is certainly needed as demand for electric vehicles grows. BP and Total Energies are other examples of oil companies buying up EV charging infrastructure.

Photos courtesey of Volta.