New Year & New Opportunities: MOTION Test Drives
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A New Online Category on MOTION Magazine - How Cool is That!

Our MOTION team is ready for these challenges ahead - and we have altered our website a little. After your incredibly positive feedback on our test drive of the Ford Mustang Mach-E to Vienna in freezing weather conditions and lots of snow we decided to create a new category called: ‘Test Drives’ - how good is that? The new category will provide you with insights into electric vehicles of all kinds we are driving and testing.

But don’t worry, we are not going to bore you with too many technical details. Our aim is to support your views on a specific vehicle - whether it is an electric car, an electric motorbike, an e-Scooter or e-Moped. And if we are feeling brave, we might add our experiences from electric vehicles for the use in or on the water or in the air (so called eVTOLs). Though we might have to wait a little for these last ones to be available for passengers to hop into. Be assured - we will make sure that we present you with the coolest images of these electric vehicles - we want to create a certain thirst for driving these EVs within you.

Test drives are fun as they provide a great opportunity to see how vehicles and their technology change. From the creation of new platforms for electric vehicles to the convenience of charging these EVs. Has the vehicle been developed and built around the customer's requirements or was it just a re-development of an existing ICE vehicle? How deep is the love of the manufacturer’s engineers for this new baby? How radical is the approach and what does it take for the customer to understand and get used to the new vehicle?

Well, we’ll find out and would love to take you along on our journey. There are more than 100 new electric cars alone expected to hit our streets in Europe this year. Hence we decided to team up with a few well-known industry experts for these test-drives. As of next week, we’ll start the first drives and our first vehicle in 2023 will be … well, I guess you need to find out for yourself. Stay tuned!

Photos Courtesy of MOTION Magazine & Michael Brecht.