MOTION Magazine Edition Four - OUT NOW!
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Our cover story serves as an ode to the profound importance of embracing train travel to our principal means of traversing the European continent. Let’s take a look at how rail travel has the potential to become one of the preferred choices of transportation in the future.

In our new edition we delve into the dynamics of urban fast charging: Instead of electrifying thousands of parking spaces, let’s create room for bike lanes, buses, greenery, and pedestrians. It is time to reimagine cities and electrify them with ultrafast charging infrastructure. We take a deep dive into the different perspectives of town planners, grid infrastructure, the perspective of manufacturers and the climate perspective.

And there is so much more to discover in Edition Four: Experience NYC's mobility revolution. Read about a new small electric vehicle that features new design, intelligent battery swapping and the world’s first 3D printing personalized service. Plus, a creative take on the future of charging infrastructure.

Smart mobility starts with you. Get your personal copy of MOTION Magazine Edition Four here - pioneering the path to smart and sustainable mobility.

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