Microlino Lite Enters the Stage at the Geneva Motor Show
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With most of the classic European OEMs absent, only the Renault Group with the Renault and Dacia brands is represented at the show. However, Chinese carmakers are in Geneva to replace them. BYD, on track to become the biggest EV maker in 2024, announced a massive presence at the Geneva Motor Show. Another Chinese-owned carmaker, MG Motors, will also be attending while we see the European debut of two sub-brands, Yangwang and Denza. As a Swiss manufacturer, Micro presents its vision of sustainable and future-oriented mobility with the Microlino and the brand new Microlino Lite in this new setting.

This new vehicle in the L6e category is aimed at generating new clients as an urban vehicle. It will start competing against the Opel e-rocks and Citroen Ami, which gained popularity in cities such as Paris, Milan or Turin. The family owned Swiss manufacturer of electric vehicles is unveiling an exciting world first: the Microlino Lite. This new model, an L6e version of the popular Microlino, is designed to make sustainable mobility solutions accessible to a wider audience who do not (yet) have a driver's license. The Microlino Lite offers the same range as its 'big brother', but the top speed is limited to 45 km/h.

A fresh, young look with new design elements

The Microlino Lite differs from the standard Microlino model with unique design features. A fresh color scheme emphasizes the contemporary concept of the vehicle, while details in a vibrant orange give the design an energetic touch, particularly for a younger target group. In early summer 2024, Micro will start selling the Microlino Lite at an attractive entry-level price of 149 CHF/month in Switzerland. Available in two color variants, Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, it opens up new mobility routes for people aged 14 and over with an AM (moped) driving license, in accordance with the respective national regulations. In France it will compete with the successful Citroen Ami from Stellantis Group, also drivable from an age of 14 years.

“The Microlino Lite is our contribution to making sustainable mobility solutions accessible to an even wider community. We recognize the growing need for such mobility, especially among those who want to be safe and protected from the weather without a driver's license.”
Merlin Ouboter, Microlino Co-Founder.

The Microlino Lite offers a spectacular driving experience in the L6e category and is redefining urban exploration at speeds up to 45 km/h. With a generous seat-bench, leaving space for two passengers and equipped with a trunk capable of fitting one large check-in and two cabin sized suitcases, the Microlino Lite is your perfect daily driver. Never waste time again in the search for a parking spot, the unique front door concept allows you to elegantly cross park between two cars. It will be interesting to see how the Microlino Lite will find its role in the L6e segment. Strategically it makes a lot of sense to use the beautiful design of the Microlino and provide an entry model for the young urban driver.

Photos courtesy of Microlino.