Introducing MOTION Magazine’s Edition One!
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When we launched our test version of MOTION Magazine last year, we started gathering feedback for our new format of presenting smart mobility topics. Our so-called Edition Zero helped explain why we as the founders are so keen to capture the lifestyle, emotional and environmental side of global mobility innovation. Your feedback carried us onto this new edition, and yes, we have been busy over the past months.

MOTION Magazine Edition One is our first “real” Magazine, consisting of more than one hundred pages of carefully crafted content. From exclusive insights into how a global car manufacturer challenges its employees to move smarter and more sustainable within their hometown, to the reason why a Formula 1 fan suddenly discovered his love for Formula E. From silent electric vehicles in Africa, to the advances of sustainable solutions in the Nordics.

We see our Edition One as a Wake-Up Call to the world. Pre-Order your own copy now and be one of the first ones to receive a brand-new copy. We believe that capturing an extremely fast-paced industry in a format that slows time down creates a sense of “Soul” – grab your personal copy here.