Empowering Women Today Will Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow
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Michael: Mariska, it is finally here, the Edition One with our first part of the MOTION series “Empowering Women Today”. How do you feel about that?

Mariska: Thank you for asking and having me on this one, Michael. I feel ecstatic! I have been involved with MOTION since the early start. Being part of Edition One is an inquisitive and bold moment. Creating a platform for empowering women in mobility will break the bias of today!  

Michael: With the series of ‚Female Empowerment‘ kicking off in Edition One, how do you see this section evolve over time in the MOTION Magazine?

Mariska: It makes me proud to see how the MOTION network in the mobility space is evolving. What I've experienced is that we have produced high-quality content and connected with inspiring global leaders. The maturity of the MOTION Magazine has been realised by connecting with this network and letting them do the work. This means that we don't run experiments, we dedicatedly focus on the adaption of the mobility lifestyle. With a touch on different topics in society, meaning sustainable mobility, diversity & inclusive leadership & the developments on the city level for example the upcoming urban mobility stream. The evolvement of these matters will be more significant for MOTION in the coming years. More female professionals will find a way in this mobility lifestyle, youngsters and students find inspiration in others' success stories in the MOTION Mag, and male professionals in this domain are accelerating the topic. MOTION Mag will be the enabler for simply sharing your voice and vision in the mobility lifestyle. My experience is based on the different talks with professionals.

Michael: What is your goal with our joint category on female empowerment in MOTION Magazine?

Mariska: My aim in participating in the MOTION series is to break barriers and introduce other empowering female leaders. This Edition One of MOTION Magazine enables us to express ourselves in a way opening up new horizons. It brings me joy to see women thriving in the industry.

Michael: The mobility scene carries some particular challenges to work in, especially for women. What’s your view on this?

Mariska: Working in the mobility industry is fun! The industry is disruptive and continuously changing. In the past, we spoke about Automotive and Car Manufacturers. Nowadays, we see mobility as a broader environment. To me, the future of mobility is about embracing diversity. The sector is known for being male-dominated. Different perspectives from people of all races, genders, and nationalities will enrich the industry. Being part of this diverse group, as a woman of color, I can bring change too.

Michael: What is your inspiration when it comes to Female Empowerment? Is there any particular female leader you would like to mention?

Mariska: In general, I would like to say that every female, mother, daughter, sister, and friend can be an inspiration in empowering me or others. We all carry similarities and differences. The challenges we are experiencing, and the achievements we manifest and show is the matter we all have in common. I cannot name one individual leader that inspires me the most or less, they all inspire me somehow. The most common characteristic that I feel inspired by are authentic and extraordinary leaders. Leaders with their own stories, who are not shy to share their experiences and pitfalls sometimes. Who is open to learning and listening without judgment is really what I admire in the empowered female leaders around me.

Michael: And now we have the Edition One coming up. What can we expect from it?

Mariska: In this Edition One, I introduce five wonderful female leaders who have become changemakers in the mobility environment. They have been breaking barriers and they are creating equal opportunities every day. It has been an absolute pleasure to hear what they are up to.

Find out more about Mariska and five amazing women driving change in mobility in our MOTION Magazine Edition One.

Photo courtesy of Mariska Matadin.