Gaby's Diary: Vanitas Automobilista
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The experience is very sensual. It's a new, so far unheard sound experience that you can't experience in purely electric or solely motorized vehicles. The different driving modes are as different as three separate vehicles. In the future, I will HAVE to learn to use these modes consciously, according to mood, saving or driving pleasure. Buy one, get three…

During the whole journey, I was secretly looking forward to the appreciative and jealous looks of neighbors, friends, guests, and relatives at home. Unfortunately, this bragging number didn´t work out, because my UFO stands still and hidden in the garage- to be charged. I didn't really have that in my calculation. Nothing says more about your status, your character, and your self-image, than the car you drive. That is true for the past as much as for today. Now I have a car, which could show me as a multilayered, cool personality (at least I think so), between design orientated, environmentally conscious and still a sporty driver - and nobody sees it!

And so, at every traffic light, I find myself secretly casting lightning-fast glances to the right and left - to see if someone is not amazed, nodding appreciatively, giving a thumbs-up...

Vanitas Automobilista, is what experts call this kind of vanity! A forgivable evil that is very common, especially in Germany.