Gaby's Diary: Pömpel or Prada?
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However, last weekend I had realised that the trunk would not open. Pressing, jiggling- nothing worked. Luckily, there was fresh laundry in the trunk and not fresh fish or stinky cheese. Unfortunately, research on the Internet also revealed only shaking, jiggling, pressing or rolling over lifting lugs. Between the trunk and passenger compartment is a glass pane, so you cannot reach for the lock from the inside.

The forums on the net said: off to BMW and completely dismantle the bumper to get to the emergency lock in the trunk (??). I am generally not annoyed by cars: only by people, animals, lost items of course, but not by cars. Still, I was worried by the prospect of having to drive to BMW. As a last resource, I turned to the I8 group on Facebook and look, what they came up with: they recommended a vacuum plug - a "plumber's plunger," which in German we call Pömpel  - its use clearly is to lift the heavy glass panel. So, at the next Eifel small town, I bought an immaculate plunger in plastic bucket blue which fits wonderfully to the electric blue stripes of my car. Amazingly, the heavy window could be lifted effortlessly. Until the spare parts arrive at my place, I will not drive without my beautiful plunger. Have a good look at the next I8 you’ll come across, maybe you'll see an ordinary plunger instead of a golf bag or a Prada bag. They are only human, these cars.