Gaby's Diary: My i8, A Woman’s Best Friend
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A far cry from the bigmouthed aggressive looks of some contemporary SUVS at the moment it still spells “speed” with a capital S through the dialogue of body and lights, it´s slightly strange shape. The “non fuss, don’t mess with me” front and the slightly twisted rear, a hybrid of spoiler and lurking mantis.

But driving it on many different occasions, too many occasions, in different moods, seasons and conditions I find the nature of a true companion, a friend that is able to adapt to my moods better than any human. When I have to leave the house in the morning, relaxed and in a good mood, I glide politely and quietly through the city or along the highway in electric mode, enjoying the peace and quiet. Regardless of hectic traffic, jams, endless ques or rude drivers from neighboring small towns. Gentle, like a little lamb… (Doesn´t really happen too often, but yes it does happen)

On days when I have a lot on my mind and want to get from A to B as conveniently as possible, I switch to comfort mode and think about anything except driving. And on those rare occasions when I am in a very good mood, or even rarer in a bad mood, (this hardly ever happens), then any hint of provocation at the traffic lights I will readily jump on! With the smallest move of the car next to me, I jerk the lever into sports mode, which brings each and every of my 375 hp onto the tarmac, pulling away from the guy and yes sometimes a girl, thinking they could leave me behind. This occurs regularly at a traffic light just around the corner from home, behind which the road merges from two lanes to one, ending up in a "full city throttle" 70s zone. In a long turn. Real speed and good driving you always recognize in turns, (not on the straight as some believe.) where most drivers would shy away from accelerating. Unless they are a racing driver, then of course the turn is where the speed happens… And the fun. All because after the turn comes short 70 km Zone and who wants to miss a couple hundred meters of road fun? It might be the only fun we get today, right?

After successfully beating my probably unsuspecting enemy, by the way, I'm in a good mood again.