Five Female Leaders Making an Impact
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The section is the constant in our focus on bringing you exciting stories about the TRANSFORMATION OF MOBILITY. In very male-dominated industries such as mobility and transportation it is really refreshing to see the power and drive these female leaders bring to the table. I am therefore honoured and very pleased to present to you five outstanding female personalities who, with their commitment, are role models for many female leaders working in the mobility and transportation industry. I have known most of them personally for years, they are truly making an impact. It is a real pleasure to learn about their career paths and to understand what motivates them personally.

I am personally convinced that we will only succeed in the global transformation of mobility, transportation and energy issues if we listen to the voices of these female movers and shakers. Read more about the other participating female leaders while following the links at the bottom of the page. And feel free to write to me to point out a female leader in your organisation that you would like to have presented in one of our next Editions here on MOTION Magazine.

Magdalena Balogh, Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, Anna-Theresa Korbutt, Sylvia Lier and Adele Szabo: The stage is yours.