Female Leaders: Anna-Theresa Korbutt
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Anna-Theresa Korbutt
Working with Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (hvv) since 1. April 2021
Managing Director

Hi Anna, it’s great to have you here with us, could you please tell us a little about yourself?

Anna-Theresa Korbutt is the mother of two daughters (6 and 2 years old), and has been Managing Director of the Hamburg Transport Association (hvv) since April 2021. As a passionate manager in local and long-distance passenger transport, she is committed to innovative and sustainable mobility concepts. From 2004 to 2012, she held various staff, strategy and marketing positions at Deutsche Bahn AG. This was followed by positions in Switzerland and Austria, where she headed Group Strategy and Corporate Development at Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), among others. For her special commitment to a simple fare system in connection with the ‘Deutschlandticket’, Anna-Theresa Korbutt received the Federal Passenger Award of the passenger association PRO BAHN e.V. in March 2023.

What made you decide to start a career in the mobility industry?

It was pure coincidence: As a university graduate, I was on my way back to my hometown of Paderborn by train from my new, future employer in Hamburg, when my neighbour's wheat beer poured over me in the DB on-board bistro during a full braking of the train. And that was my entry into the mobility industry, because my counterpart was the deputy head of Inhouse Consulting at Deutsche Bahn. He poached me, and I started at the DB Regio Group headquarters in Frankfurt.
The mobility industry hasn't let go of me to this day, and I've stayed true to the mobility theme in all my subsequent career stages. Because there is still so much potential there that has not yet been fully exploited. And driving this forward is what excites me and makes me want to do it.

What do you value most in your job today?

What I value most is the confidence of my employees and my Supervisory Board that we are doing the right things. Experiencing that I have such strong support everywhere motivates me immensely.

Which female personality inspires you when it comes to the topic of 'female leadership'?

None, really, because each must ultimately go her own way. Authenticity is the key to convincing female leadership.

Which car do you currently drive?

I don't have a car, but rely fully on public transportation and shared mobility.

Longest drive in an electric vehicle?

My longest drive in an electric car was a vacation trip lasting several hours.

Who would you like to have by your side for a longer electric car ride?

Elon Musk with Herbert Diess.

Bicycle or e-bike?


Your message for a sustainable and smart future in mobility:

Change starts in your own head - you just have to want it.

Michael Brecht from MOTION Magazine talked to these amazing women in the past weeks. It is impressive to get an insight into their career paths and to understand what motivates them personally. Women have a key role in helping us make the change needed in industries such as mobility, logistics and energy. Research demonstrates the impact of women in leadership roles goes beyond profits as they focus on diversity, belonging and equity. And Iwecan tell you from our own conviction that we will only succeed in the global transformation in sustainable mobility issues if we listen to the voices of these female doers. Thus we are very happy to provide a stage for female leaders that are making an impact.  Read more about the other participating female leaders and Michael’s introduction for our MOTION Magazine Edition III, now available online in German language (only).

Illustrations courtesy of Jörn Kaspuhl for MOTION Magazine.